Supervised M. Sc. Students:

1. Noorani, M. (2008): Modeling and optimizing of UF cheese process conditions: from dry salting to consumer distribution.

2. Salemi, B. (2008): Heat transfer modeling of caviar during pasteurization.


3. Ahmadi Dastgerdi, A. (2009): Physical and rheological properties of oil-in water heat stable emulsions made of  Xantan and  Guar gum as stabilizer and mono and diglycerids, DATEM, poly glycerol esters (PGE) and poly ethylene sorbet mono oleat (E433  (as stabilizer.

4. Amiri Marvili, H. (2009):  Effect of stabilizers and pre-cooking condition on physical and sensory properties of rice can made of two Iranian and basmati cultivars during storage.

5. Amir, M. (2009) : Structure and conditions of complex formation between tragacanth gum and β-lactoglobulin.

6. Hasibi, F. (2009): Producing a phenylalanine-free pool of peptides after enzymatic hydrolyses of cheese whey  for  phenylketonuria ( PKU) patients.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

7. Izady, Z. (2009): Production of fortified yogurt with plant sterols and optimization of its physical texture.

8. Rafiee, H. (2009): Sensory and rheological properties of enriched yogurt with inulin.

9. Siyah Moshteh, F. (2009): Study of migration from semi-rigid aluminum base packaging to an Iranian stew (Gheymeh) after thermal processing and during storage.

10. Tamjidi, F. (2009):  Microencapsulation of marine oil containing long chain omega-3 fatty acids and evaluation of sensory and physical properties of enriched yogurt.

11. Azari, Z. (2010) : Effect of stabilizers and pH on colloidal stability of Doogh.

12. Rostami, O. (2010): Comparison the effects of milk powder, whey powder and modified whey concentrate powder on the rheological and sensory properties of dough and Taftoon bread.

13. Vaez Dalili, T. (2010): Study of interactions between β-lactoglobulin and soy protein isolate in a model enternal feed product after thermal treatment and during storage.

14. Ahmadi, A. (2011):

15. Ahmadi, F. (2011):

16. Ahmadi, N. (2011):

17. Garekani, N. (2011):

18. Sajedi, M. (2011):

19. Saiidi, S. (2011):




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Supevised Students

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